Neon QVC graphic for lightbox display

Graphic for QVC – Quatre – Vingt – Cinq, in distinctive 80s style. This has been printed out at A1 on Duratrans style media, ready to go into a lightbox and be displayed at club nights/festivals etc. I’m keen to see how it looks in action, which will be at the next event at the start of October. Pics to follow.

The image is made in Blender, fairly straightforward modelling really: Curve of the neon tubes traced over the QVC logo, and a mesh circle used for the cross section. Neon glow effect is a combination of indirect lighting, and use of nodes.

This logo will be making more appearances in future, in various animated visuals to be projected or otherwise displayed at future events.

There’s plenty of tutorials out there on youtube, here’s a good place to start if you fancy making something similar:

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