Custom Bike Builder

A freelance project commissioned for ProjektBike, this tool was created entirely in Actionscript, using the Away3D libraries to enable the end user to view their creation from all angles.

The initial bike model was supplied in .3ds format, and had to be split into individual component parts, and exported into seperate optimised lower-poly .obj files to be imported into the app. Once finished, the ‘Add to Cart’ button creates an order via the Shopify API

Check it out here: http://projektbike.com/pages/customize (Requires Flashplayer 11)


3D Structure Plotter

Another freelance project for a client who wanted a a Flash app which would read a .xml file which contained a list of coordinates, a list of connecting members, and a third list of cross section data.

From this data, the connecting members could be plotted on screen.

Check it out here: 3D Structure Plotter (Requires Flashplayer 11)

(Click and drag to rotate camera round target point,  ctrl+click moves target left/right up/down, cursor keys move target left/right/forward/backward )



Virtual Video Emporium (Work in Progress)

A proof of concept/demo of a virtual DVD store front for the Video Emporium. Created entirely in Actionscript, using the Away3D libraries.

The shop itself was modelled in Blender, with the lighting baked into the textures, and exported as a .obj file to be imported at runtime into the .swf. There is a little dynamic lighting which can be seen on the DVD cases, most noticeable as they rotate to face the  camera.

These DVD cases are generated dynamically at runtime, from an xml file generated from an sql database.

Currently in debug/free camera mode – W,A,S,D moves camera, click and drag to look around, click on a DVD to go check it out..

Check it out here: Virtual Emporium Demo (Requires Flashplayer 11)

or have a quick look at the video here:


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